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SS Nationals 2018

Competition starts Sunday April 22.

Results, click here

SS Nationals 2017

Competition starts Sunday April 23.

Results, click here

News - Interdom Pacific Rim 2016

2016 Pacific Rim Inter-Schools Team Sailing Championships

Results, click here

SS Nationals 2016

Competition starts Sunday April 24. Slight delay waiting for wind to full in, change over boats being loaded up, umpires and start / finish boats ready to go

Results, click here

News - Nats 2015

Competition starts Monday April 13.

Results, click here

Interdoms 2014
For results click here
11:50 - perfect conditions and sailing well underway, click out the results
14:45 - Racing has been called off without a race sailed...

13:38 - Looks like racing will get underway soon, wind has dropped, just waiting on sea state to settle - so fingers crossed
10:00 - Windy conditions have forced a delay in sailing, will be reviewed at 12:30 if any sailng today

News - New Zealand Secondary School Nationals 2014 at Algies Bay
1/5 15:44 winds had dropped out, sailor ashore and likely to be it for day 

30/4 12:14 Blue skies, very light breeze, just starting racing p - have been waiting for breeze to develop 

28/4 09:00 Blue skies, light breeze just about set to go

Competition starts Monday April 28.

Results, click here

  For details, click here

News - Keeler Teams Racing 2014
Exciting, news, after some discussions, a new format, for NOR, click here

News - Calendar 2014
The latest calendar, click here

News - Nationals 2013 at Taupo
Results, click here
3/5/13 17:15
Round Robin finished, based on regatta points
   1 Kerikeri
   2 Tauranga
   3 Mahurangi 
see results page for full listing of regatta points
3/5/13 12:46
Been a story of the disappearing wind. Yesterday finished early as a result of the wind dropping out and the start this morning was delay due to lack of wind. Sailing got underway about 12, but very light - but very nice day
2/5/13 11:57
Nice light wind, racing got underway about 10:30
1/5/13 17:04
Reprecharge finished -
Napier up to Gold, Marlborough Girls down to Silver
Macleans up to Silver, New Plymouth Girls down to Bronze
1/5/13 16:40
Reprecharge underway Bronze / Silver New Plymouth Girls v Macleans and Silver / Gold - Napier Girls v Marlborugh Girls
1/5/13 8:11
Sun shining light brenze and scheduled for early start if possible...
30/4/13 15:35
Wind died out, Race Offices's called an early finished to the day and in best tradition of such things, once most people where to close to or  on shore the wind came back in... Tomorrow's another day...
30/4/13 14:30
Round Robin  2 underway - Kings has moved to Gold Fleet, New Plymouth Boys has moved to Silver Fleet. Wentworth has moved up to Silver Fleet and Macleans has moved down to sliver fleet
30/4/13 12:37
Been busy morning finishing off the Gold / Silver round robin and breaking ties to work out reprecharge races. These are underway in light winds - details will be posted on Results page.
29/4/13 11:20
420s are leaving shore now...
29/4/13 10:39
Currently under AP due to nasty waves making change over near on impossible, so no 420's on water at this stage. Ross and his team are busy relocating the course and adding an extra anchor to change over barge. The forecast is for decreasing wind. There is a lot of cards being paid at the moment by the teams.
Photo from offical opening this morning around 8:30 ish
29/4/13 08:34
First morning SW - 12 - 14 knots Blue skies, a bit chilly, offical opening about to take place, bronze fleet going out with reefed sails.
28/4/13 20:00
The scene is set, lots of hard work by many people and it also set to get. Great welcome by the Taupo Community to the event.


News - Regional NORs
Central NI
Thanks to Thomas Swartz, attached is the link for the photos taken by Susannah Buckton at the Central NI teams’ sailing regatta. There are some great on water shots, keep scrolling! pics
Report from Viv
Top of the South Regatta has been completed. Each day we waited for a short time until the breeze filled in and on Saturday afternoon it peaked briefly at 16 knots  before droopping again to near perfect conditions.  On both day two and three we managed to complete two round robins in both the gold and silver sfleet with a best of three repecharge after each one. We awarded regatta points as we went along and had many
races closely contested, with teams abilities improving as the regatta progressed.
Saturday saw a particularly busy day on Picton Harbour. As usual we had the interisland ferries coming and going but we also had to contend with increased commercial traffic, including the float plane, who were catering to the thousands of people who had arrive into Picton for the day on the cruise ship that had berthed nearby our course. What an interesting wind shadow that caused when they departed in the late afternoon !
Final results saw Marlborough on top, winning the Top of the South trophy from Nelson for yet another year. Marlborough Boys College took the overall top placing, with the Marlborough Girls not so far behind. Waimea College took the third place and we look forward to seeing them at the Nationals this year. Queen Charlotte College moved into fourth place with Christchurch Boys High School in fifth.
Nayland College fought hard in the repecharge races and eventually were winners in the silver fleet. A composite Marlborough team  of up and coming young sailors took out the seventh place ahead of Nelson College for Boys, with Nelson College for Girls taking the final place, and also the award for being so polite ! Congratulation to Oliver Clark, Marlborough Boys College, for taking the sportsmanship award.
Prizegiving dinner was held last night and included fun activities for all teams. Nayland College managed the most creative boat built from limited materials and  all Team captains showed they are such good sports off the water as well as on, as they competed in a very entertaining game of "Distraction"
2013Top of the South Secondary School Team Sailing Championships

Final Placings:

Gold Fleet:

  1. Marlborough Boys College
  2. Marlborough Girls College
  3. Waimea College
  4. Queen Charlotte College
  5. Christchurch Boys High School

Silver Fleet

  1. Nayland College
  2. Marlborough Combined Team
  3. Nelson College Boys
  4. Nelson College Girls

Top of the South Trophy

Marlborough: 29     Nelson: 14

 Highest placed Girls Team : Marlborough Girls College

 Regatta points:










Full RR








Final placing

Marl Boys
















Chch Boys








Marlb Girls
























Marlb Comb








Nelson Girls








Nelson Boys








8:00 22/3 Viv reports
Top of the South regatta has begun, with nine teams from Nelson, Marlborough and one from Christchurch competing.
We had a great  day of sailing once a gentle breeze filled in with the first round robin of 36 races completed in 5-8 knots of wind on Picton Harbour
Results so far, which have determined the gold and silver fleets to continue racing Thursday:
1. Marlborough Boys College
2. Waimea College
3. Christchurch Boys High School
4. Marlborough Girls College
5. Queen Charlotte College
7. Combined Marlborough Team
8. Nelson College Girls
9. Nelson College Boys
Some NOR's
Upper NI and Entry Form  - Results 1, KeriKeri 1; 2, Mahu Black; 3, Westlake Boys; 4, Keri Red; 5, Mahu Yellow; 6, Keri Blue; 7, Whangarei; 8, Wentworth; 9, Keri Girls

News - Secondary School Nationals 2013
Here is draft NOR, as emailed on13/2/12

News - Upcoming Dates 2012 - 2013

dates as currently known

Dec 18, 19 (?20)            Training Regatta                                       Taupo

Dec 18,19, 20                Training Regatta                                       Marlborough

Dec 17, 18, 19               Training Regatta                                       Kerikeri              NOR (after revisions)

March 2-4                      Regionals                                                Wellington

March 18, 19                  Regionals                                               Taupo

March 21, 22, 23             Regionals                                              Marlborough

March ??                        Upper Nis                                              Parua Bay

March ??                        Auckland Cup                                        ?Bucklands Beach

April 28 – May 3             NZ Secondary Schools Nationals         Taupo

News - Spring Regatta 2012
Another great event at Algies Bay - summary of results , click here

Interdoms 2012 and Spring Regatta
Interdom between Australia and New Zealand is running from 30 September 2012 to 3 October 2012 at Algies Bay, with registration on the 30th - NOR
Also from 1 - 3 October on a seperate course the tradional Spring Regatta is taking place - great opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best sailors around. NOR will be coming soon...

Secondary Schools - Nationals 2013

For those who have not heard, the ntionals will be held in Taupo and planning is well underway.
Information will be coming on accomadation options

News - SS Nats 2012
The Secondary School Nationals are being held this week at Algies Bay 15/4 - 20/4. NOR
Results, Draws, Links and Commentary will be posted here throughout the regatta.

News - Spring Regatta 2011
Another great event at Algies Bay - given the weather at the time, got a lot of racing in. During the three days there was great improvement in boat handling and team sailing. There was an initial round robin with all all teams and then split into Gold / Silver fleets with 5 in each. It was good to see Marlborough Girls make the long trip up and New Plymouth Boys and new team from Glendowie get involved. Westlake Girls managed to upset the normal pattern of Mahu / Kerikeri 1 - 2, but only just on count back from Mahu.
place Gold Silver
1 Kerikeri Lindsfarne
2 WestLake Girls New Plymouth Boys
3 Mahurangi 1 Wentworth
4           Westlake Boys    Glendowie
5 Marlborough Girls Mahurangi 2

News - Dates for upcoming events 2011 - 2012
Some dates to hand from Gay    

    Spring Regatta 18-20 October 2011, Algies Bay
   December Training Events - Picton 13-15th
                                    Kerikeri 14-16th.

North Island  Regatta is 17-19th March 2012 in Wellington 
    Top of the South Regionals Regatta will be in Nelson 24th to 26th March 2012.

News - Secondary Schools Nationals 2011

Sorry, results page now working ---->  Results

Some great pics by Darryl Torckler are expected to be uploaded later tonight click here event password is ss07 and discount coupon code seass7

Sat 30/4/11 It's all over Kerikeri win over St Kents, full details on results page
Sat 30/4/11 Fresh wind, forecast for more, plan is to finish gold / silver round robin, then top 6 final / Top 4 girls finals subject to weather
Fri 29/4/11 Racing finished about 6, good racing, lots of interesting results
Fri 29/4/11 12:00 been busy morning get repechage races out of way, finishing round robins, nice breeze
Fri 29/4/11 8:56 movement, lighter winds
Thurs 28/4/11 After looking at options, no sailing today
Wed Racing between gaps in the weather
Tues 26/4/11 16:00 Weather finally packed in and racing finished for the day.
Tues 26/4/11/12:40 Several races completed, started in light winds, wind has increased and boat currently ashore getting reefs into sails
Tues 26/4/11 9:50 Light winds, flat water, overcast, S 4 ish knots wind

The boats are on shore, just about to go on the water.

It's just about time, the barge is being put together, most the 420's have arrived and have their masts up and it's very controlled.

Team Listing

Click here for  NOR for the 2011 Secondary Schools Team Sailing Nationals, to be held 25 to 30 April, at Algies Bay, Warkworth.

In particular, note Clause 4.7 requesting an "Initial Team Entry Form", accompanied by the full entry fee, to be lodged by 1 March 2011. A full team entry form is due by 25 March.

There is also a requirement to provide suitable personnel to assist in running the event - see Clause 12.0.

Please direct any queries to Ross Sutherland, ross@nztsa.co.nz, or Gay nztrasecretary@gmail.com

News - Other Regional Results 2011
Wellington results
Auckland results
Lower South Island results
Results for Upper North Island and South Island are news just below

News - Upper North Islands 2011

For a bit of a change, Upper North Islands are being held at Parua Bay in Whangarei 31/3 - 1/4. For teams who want to, they can camp at the club rooms. NOR
What a great day, lots of sailing - 63 racing in all starting about 10:30 ish and finishing at 6 - at one point I think the start boat throught we were kidding - but we finished the third round robin. Some very tired teams.
Another great day round robin and full series of finals for everyone. In last robin Keri Red only had one lost to Whangarei. First robin of finals Wentworth won over Keri  Acedemy, Westlake Girls took out Keri Blue and Mahu took out Whangarei in last few meters of deciding race managed a penelty
In the Finals Keri Blue took out Wentworth, Whangarei took out Westlake in very close series with Girls taking first race, Boys next two and then heartbreak for girls they lost the next on the finish line, by inches.
The final between Keri Red and Mahu went down to the wire and Keri Red comingout on top.
Some very tight racing, which was good preparation for the nationals
Plan for tomorrow is one moe round robin and then finals, subject to weather.

News - Upper South Islands 2011
10 teams have come together and racing got away at 1 and finished at 7 on Sunday, results
Again, late start, but got through the racing, results day 2
Final Results, details


News - Open Nationals 2011
The chance for the big boys and girls to show their skills at the Open nationals over Easter. This is also a selection trial for the Worlds, please read the entry requirements in the World's NOR. The NOR for the Open Nationals 

News - Doves Bay 14 - 17 December
Exams will be over, sun might be shining and there'll be fun at Doves Bay - Kerikeri (nor)

News - Spring Regatta 2010
Results here - pictures here
Some tired, but hapy people after three days of hard racing,
Hi Folks, the Spring regatta is just around the corner 7 -9 th October at Algies Bay, end of the second week of the holidays. Great chance get some time on the water.
Also just before this event is the the interdoms, so if you want come a bit earlier to see some of the top teams of Australia and New Zealand completing.

News - Interdoms 2010
pictures here
Results during the regatta can be seen here
Wed 5:30 long day, wind coming and going - well done to Kerikeri High School who take out the Interdoms and New Plymouth Girls High School who won the girls regatta.
Wed 1.00 racing got underway , but little slow at the moment as wind settles
Wed 10:30 racing on hold waiting for wind - Race Committee has announced only time to sail one round robin today. 
Tues 12:15 racing got underway about 11:45, light ne 5 knots
Tues 7:30 very still, but nice morning
Monday 4:45 racing finished at end of second round robin
Monday 10:45 Nice ne6 knots racing under way after short delay while the wind came in.
Sunday 5pm, another nice day, umpires course has recently finished, the teams are off the water, been light winds today, teams will be back for welcoming at 6pm followed by BBQ afterwards.
Breaking news - just maybe the weather could be nice, given weeks of strong winds , this is something.
Planning is well underway for the Interdoms at Algies Bay.
This year, there are the 6 open teams and 6 girls teams.
The three teams representing New Zealand include Kerikeri High School, Tauranga Boys and St Kentigern College.They will go up against the three Australian teams; St Josephs College (SA), St Michael’s School and Guilford/St Virgils College (TAS)

The event has been running annually for four years and this will be the third time New Zealand has hosted the event. New Zealand has won the teams’ trophy three times and will be keen to maintain a good record.

NZTRA are also running an invitation event for girls at the same time. Napier Girls High School, Nelson College for Girls and New Plymouth Girls High School will represent New Zealand; while the three teams representing Australia are Merton Bay College (QLD), Walford Anglican School for Girls (SA) and making up the third team Westlake Girls from New Zealand, who were placed 4th girls team at the Secondary Schools Nationals.


News - AGM 7th October 2010, 7:30 Sandspit Yacht Club

AGM is taking place on Thursday night, all welcome
Agenda details
Minutes from last AGM details

News - South Pacific Teams regatta report

Pictures by Cindy Adams- Vining 

Nine lucky kiwi teams sailors from around New Zealand were invited to take  part in the south pacific Teams regatta in Rarotonga  
 during the middle of the winter holidays in july . Six teams raced in the 18 sunbursts for the week long regatta and the local favorites
from Rarotonga topped the round robin (12 wins) Followed by a south pacific team made up of three kiwi sailors from Taupo, Taylor Griffin,
 Finlay Norris and George Dawson
who joined the youngest girl skipper from raro and Toka from the northern cooks island of Rakahanga  
to surprise all with 11 wins , New Zealand who won the girls competition on Wednesday were third and last years winners from Aitutaki
with four new sailors this year kept ahead of the aussies on 8 wins .Victoria who were second in the girls had 3 wins followed by there
South Australian neighbors on 1 win .
This year saw the first ever top six finals where both New Zealand and Victoria won the quarters 2 nil to both SA and Aitutaki before
both dispatching a surprised Raro and South pacific team 2-o and 2-1 in the semis respectively After which the kiwis finally won again
for the first time in four years , Congrats to Layton Hern, Chch boys, Holly Hamlin, Westlake girls. Harriet Cameron, Napier Girls.
Pia Schuster, mahurangi. Christie Osborne, Paraparaumu .and Monique Towers , Hawera. on a good finals under pressure racing was
a lot closer than any results showed . Most of the sailors had ten Days on the Rock and between the sailing were hikes across the island
and diving the reef and lagoon with Turtles, spotted  Leopard rays and giant Morays as well as the usual trips to the Saturday market.
Tired sailors departed the 24 degree lagoon waters with a lot more than just suntans and new friends .


Regards Ross Sutherland

Event organizer

News - Upcoming dates 2010 / 2011
Hi Folks, some info from Gay 

Interdoms - 3rd to 6th October at Algies (racing starts Monday 4th)

YNZ/NZTSA Umpires course at Algies Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd at Algies

Spring Regatta - 7th to 9th October at Algies.

14-17 December 2010 Doves Bay Kerikeri

LTYC December teams sailing camp sailing days: 15-17 December.

LTYC teams sailing training weekend: 26-27 February.

LTYC central NI zone (Waikato, BOP/Tauranga, New Plymouth?, Hawkes Bay) pre regatta for SS nationals):
26-28 March preferred (or 19-21 March)
Upper North Island Algies Bay 30 March - 1 April
The final selection trials for open teams selectiion will be had at Easter at Algies bay - which will also be open Nationals. All nztsa boats will be set up then as the school nationals are right after easter
NZ Secondary Schools Nationals - April 25 - 30th 2011 at Algies (racing starts Tuesday 26th)

Next Opens selection regatta - Easter 2011 - watch this space for more details

Also just a note the Opens in June weren't the Nationals, some red tape details to work through with YNZ - further details to come

Open Nats 2010
For details of how it went, here is regetta report (updated 12/06/10) from Derry more
Finally it's time for the big boys and girls to come out to race, get yourself a team together for Queen's Birthday weekend and show them how good you are. NOR

News - Secondary Schools Nationals 2010 April 12 - 16 Lake Taupo 
Final team placments, following tie breaks, details

News Flash!  After a day of delays due to the weather, time ran out on the finals, so it has to go back to the results of the Preliminary Rounds.  This means that Kerikeri wins.  Tauranga 2nd, St Kents 3rd, Westlake Boys 4th, Mahurangi 5th and MacLeans 6th. 
Napier Girls have won the girls trophy from New Plymouth Girls, Nelson Girls and Westlake Girls.
Click here for commentary as to whats happening throughout the contest.  Draws here.   
The nationals are shaping up to be biggest event that has been seen for Teams Sailing in New Zealand, with 33 teams entered, (including 10 girls teams) - Sailing InstructionsNOR
There will be LIVE scoring/results here throughout the reagtta.
Click on the Events, Schools Nationals menu item above for more information.  Photos will be posted here.
Thanks to the sponsors.






News - Regional's Week 2010
Upper Norths looks likes a major event leading up to the nationals in Taupo.
Pics from Upper North Islands
if anyone else has some pics,if they load them on flickr.com with tag of NZTSUNI2010, plus whatever other tags you need to put up.
Final Places from Upper North Islands
Gold Fleet Silver Fleet
A - Keri one 1 J - Long Bay 1
E - St kents 2 N - Pakuranga 2
C - Mahu one 3 O - Keri two 3
D - Westlake boys 4 M - Taupo 4
G - Napier girls 5 I - Westlake Girls 5
F - Auck Grammar 6 L - Kamo 6
B - Whangarei 7 K - Mahu 2 7
H - Karei 3 8
Is taking place 24 - 26 March 2010 - NOR  Click here to see the LIVE results as they happen throughout the regatta.

A record 15 teams start the upper North islands on Wednesday and the only top six team missing from last years Nats is Tauranga Boys who had a one Day regional with a new Tauranga /Waikato girls team and old adversaries Otumoetai on Tuesday 23rd.

Regional’s week has started ,

In Taranaki the new Plymouth girls took out the Naki champs unbeaten against the NP boys and Francis Douglas now they all head down to the Lower North Island in Wellington next weekend to clash with their regional competitors from Napier and Wellington and with Two teams from Napier girls this year around 9 or ten teams square off. No word from Gary on the entries.

Plenty of word from the Nelson region though as 11 teams compete for the Top of the South trophy only 35 racers on the first day ( must have been Market day in Nelson) more news once they finish the RR and we get an idea of pecking order there.

The Southerners are once again heading for Lake Aviemore and 7 teams have entered and hoping no early southern fronts come through to wip up the fresh water .They will at least get some lake sailing in ready for Taupo where we now have the Largest Teams nationals and school sailing event with 32 teams registered .Yes that’s around 320 sailors, coaches, managers,   and parents along with our management team of up to 60 we have to find room for so she’l be a warm and cosy Clubhouse at briefing 8.30 or earlier  each morning as we try and get through the 600 plus racers in the week .



News - Latest Calendar Dates

The upper south islands are first up on the 21 to 23 of March in Nelson

Lower south islands are the 26 to 28 of march at lake Aviemore

The upper north islands are the 24 to 26 of march at Algies Bay

The lower north islands are 27 to 29 at Evans bay wellington

The Schools  Nationals are from the 11th to the 16 at Taupo

The Open Nationals are the 5th to 7th of June.

News - Spring Regatta 2009
Spring is in the air, time is coming for Spring Regatta at Algies Bay. Great news is there a new sponsor, with a bigger event - it's now called



                                                                                                         AND SYC SPRING TEAMS REGATTA
Ross with the Morton Bay Girls team from Australia, who make a big impact.
Final Results
Girls Interdom
   Napier Girls over Morton Bay Girls
Koru Knitwear 2009 NZ Girls Teams Racing Champs
   Napier Girls                1st
   Morton Bay Girls         2rd
   New Pymouth Girls      3nd   
   South Island Girls       4th
   West Lake Girls          5th
Spring Regatta
   Kerikeri 2                  1st
   Kerikeri 1                  2nd
   Napier Girls                3rd
   Lindesfarn                 4th
   Morton Bay Girls         5th
   New Plymouth Girls     6th   
   South Island Girls       7th
   Westlake Girls            8th
   Wanaka                    9th
   Mahurangi               10th

Umpires Course

Yachting New Zealand will be running a Match Racing Umpires Course on 10-13 September at RNZYS/Bucklands Beach Yacht Club. This will be lead by Wayne Boberg, our new Umpire Coordinator, and run with two evening seminars before the Bucks Match Race finals during the weekend for on the water experience. I attended the course in Wellington (as did Bernie) last month and it was truly excellent. Attendance would help hugely with your umpiring skills and rules knowledge.
   More Details...

Calendar 2009 - 2010
            Spring Regatta                        Algies              7-9 October 09

            Koru Girls                               Algies              7-9 October 09

            Teams Week                          Taupo              18-20 December 09


The upper south islands are first up on the 21 to 23 of March in Nelson

Lower south islands are the 26 to 28 of march at lake Aviemore

The upper north islands are the 24 to 26 of march at Algies Bay

The lower north islands are 27 to 29 at Evans bay wellington

The Schools  Nationals are from the 11th to the 16 at Taupo

The Open Nationals are the 5th to 7th of June.


News - Open Nationals 2009


Another day of blue skies and a bitterly cold wind - at the time of sorting out the program appeared light.

But once out there, the wind slowly started building. Racing taking place between Mahu & WKS for 1 st & 2 nd and Cull Cats & Common Browns for 7 & 8. After 3 rounds of races, the call came through to reef after some guests of 30 Knots, but then a broken goose neck, and prospect of increasing winds, the call was made to finish racing for the regatta.

Back to shore and to the rule books, SI to work out final result - after a lot of discussion by the wise men, WKS first, Mahu second and Cull Cats 7 th Common Browns 8 th .

Will be getting some pictures up later tonight or tomorrow night.   More Details...

Secondary Schools Nationals 2009
Photo Gallery click here

More Pictures, click here

Final Results
National Championship Place Silver Fleet Place Girls Place
Tauranga 1 Nelson Boys 1 Napier Girls 1
Mahurangi 2 Waimea 2 Nelson Girls 2
St Kents 3 Queen Charlotte 3 Christchurch Girls 3
Kerikeri 4 Timaru Boys 4 New Plymouth Girls 4
Whangarei 5 New Plymouth Girls 5 Craighead Girls 5
MacLeans 6 New Plymouth Boys 6    
Marlborough Boys 7 Francis Douglas 7    
Westlake 8 Nelson Girls 8    
Napier Girls 9 Mt Aspiring 9    
Lindisfarne 10 Canterbury Girls 10    
Chrischurch Boys' High School 11 Canterbury Boys 11    
Scots College 12 Paraparaumu 12    
    Craighead Girls 13    

To view a commentary as events unfold, click here.

Results race by race here.

Scene from Day 1.

To view a commentary as events unfold, click here.

Results race by race here.   More Details...

News - Upper North Islands
What nicer place than 3 days at Algies Bay... Easterly 6 - 10 knots - ideal for the newer team sailors
At the end of day 2, some great racing, some very close racing at very high level. Top 6 at end of day 2,
Mahu 1
Keri 1
Whangarei 1
Wesklake Boys
St Kents   More Details...

News - Upper South Islands 2009
Another great regatta and good to see some new teams taking part.

Comments  ---> added 31/3/09

Teams Talk - Ross Sutherland
Click more details below to read full text.
Hi All,    
Welcome to another year of Teams sailing around the country.

TEAM Worlds
Our three teams have just returned from the worlds in Perth with Bronze in the open fleet and Silver in the under 21s, we always new it was going to be hard sailing in Pacers  and  although a tactical decision by the Aussie's to sail in a boat only they have, top prize still went to the Americans showing how far ahead they are in teams racing as it was most of the same team that one the last two.

NZTRA has purchased another Pacer which is on its way here thanks to "THE MILL LIQUOR SAVE ".

   More Details...

Spring Regatta 2008
The Spring Regatta starts at Algies Bay - Thursday 9th October - Saturday 11th October.  NOR 

Commentary click here

Draw click here

Results click here

The NZTRA Annual General Meeting will be held at the Sandspit Yacht Club at Algies Bay on Friday October 10 at 7:30pm.  Notice and Agenda here.

Interdoms 2008
Australia v New New Zealand, Aligies Bay, Sunday 5th (Practice Day) - Wednesday 8th October.  NOR
Whos Doing What - click here
Draw for the 6 rounds - click here
Results - click here

News - 2008 Open Nationals
For full Open Nationals information, go to the menu item Events, Open Nationals 2008 above.

Commentary click here    Results click here

Lots of pictures from the regatta.  Click here

   More Details...

2008 Secondary School Nationals
For full Nationals information, go to the menu item Events, Schools Nationals, 2008 above.
For the Second year in a row, Tauranga are the National Champions.

News - Upper North Islands 2008
In the end, 10 teams managed to take part  - St Kents, Macleans (2 teams), Mahurangi ( 2 Teams), Whangarei (2 teams), Kerkeri (2 teams), Waikato.

It was billed as a training regatta and lots was gained from the weekend. Teams sailed well, but all exposed a few areas to work on before the nationals.
The weather, limited some of the pure teams racing tactics on the Saturday and killed it on Sunday where the call was made not to go out.

News - Auckland Teams Racing Cup 2008
10 teams fight it out - regatta report (more)  - Macleans show their form and will be looking forward to Nationals.

Opti Teams Racing 2007
In December 2007 32 of New Zealands top Optimist class sailors came to the Sandspit Yacht Club at Algies Bay for a teams racing clinic which was held over three days from the 21st December. The sailors all stayed at Mahurangi College at the Marae. The weather held and we had almost perfect teams racing conditions even though it was an onshore northeasterly. The sailors were split into 8 teams of 4 with a coach assigned to each team. The teams were formed on the basis of their placings in regattas over the past year and they worked out pretty well.

We had a great coaching team with huge experience under the guidance of Graeme Sutherland and Laurie Jury. The format allowed for coaching in the morning and racing in the afternoon with points on days 2 and 3 going towards a series. This provided the sailors with a competitive goal and it was actively pursued. One sailor lost his voice after returning home. Me Thinks he protest too much!! . The format was designed to provide the sailors with all the team racing manouvers and associated rules, train for the moves then put them into action on the water. The clinic was held to improve the knowledge and skills of sailors who now have to compete in teams racing at all the major international regattas.

There has been a lot of positive feedback and it may become an annual event. The event could not have been run without the helpers. Bernadette Cornille looked after food and Nigel Rippey, Doris Helm, Anne Capon, Adrian Mannering and Winton Buchanan ably did the camp “Mum and Dad” routine.  

Centreboard Club Captain

Nick Hazard

International Teams Sailing
Graeme and Laurie have just heard from their contacts they made while attending Worlds, there is a move towards an international body for teams racing and following comments made: 
"Currently there is a lot in the works.  A web page will be up no later than the end of January at www.teamsailing.org (currently we just own the domain name nothing is posted).  We also have at this time an email list.  To get on this list send an email to teamsailing-subscribe@topica.com then once you are approved you can email away to teamsailing@topica.com If you can get as many Team
Sailors in your country as possible to sign up for the email list we can all start communications with each other as things start to take
shape in the next couple of months."

News - School & NZTRA Contact list
To find out who is who at the various schools involved in teams racing [details]

Worlds - Final Day
NZL Take home Bronze
After an ambitious attempt to hold quarter, semi's and finals on the last day of the teams racing worlds in a almost vacant breeze, the sailing for the last day had to be called off and the results were taken from the end of serries 1 and 4 days of racing.
Although the previous round had been called short, results were found (after 3 hours of redress hearings) which awarded USA1 with the gold medal, GBR2 silver and NZL Bronze.
The Team progressed and developed over the course of the event and will be bringing back to New Zealand not just a medal but also the more valuable experiences and relationships gained from competing at this level.
The Team would once again like to thank all its supporters, family and friends.

Worlds 2007 Updates
Video NZL1 v GBR1 (NZ in red) 

test video 1  

Day 2 - filed by Laurie 

New Zealand make the gold fleet at the Teams Racing Worlds in Gandia Spain.

The New Zealand Team, NZL1, skippered by Laurie Jury, Graeme and Logan Sutherland, with Annemarie Waugh, Georgina Hill and Jamie Dawson as crew, finished 6th in the gold fleet and have progressed though to the next round. 

The top places are dominated by British and American teams who are the historically the best at Teams Racing.

Silver Panda, from USA is leading the regatta followed by GBR2 then USA2, GBR1 and GBR3 are in 3rd and fourth.

In seventh is AUS3 then IRL1. Only one team per nation can make the final four.
There are three more days of racing left the finals will be sailed on the 29th of september.

The formant is a double round robin for gold and silver fleet. Then semis and finals for the top 4 nations.

The wind has been pretty shifty between 2-15 knots, we are racing inside the breakwater, and the course has been rather challenging. At times the start line was only two boat lengths off the dock.  The first beat was only 70 meters and you cant reach a lay line on either side of the course before hitting the side of the harbor.

We are learning a lot, and have already came along way, we are losing a lot of races on the last beat, so we hope to improve this and have a crack at knocking off the American and English teams

Day 1 report from the World's - filed by Graeme Sutherland

The Teams racing worlds kicked off with a light sea breeze which filled into the marina for racing at lunch time. The course is small at times and squashed in different places to fit within the area of the harbour, the towering sea wall and shipping area make for interesting wind hurdles and the course was often patchy at best.
Our first race was against USA 2 whom had raced Ireland before us. The pin was biased and we lead off the line although missing the first shift in the right in the whole ridden course we fell to round the top mark with USA in a 1,2 which they held to the finish of the race.
After we settled into the competition we turned our starts into wins and although one or two of us were over at times it was not without an oposition boat to windward of us.
Leading back into the line was key in the light winds and we worked well as a team to win these positions.
The team was happy to end the day on 4 wins and just the 1 initial loss, beating; Ireland 3, Japan 1, Aus 2 and GBR 2. Most were won and extended from the start although we had a tight last beat with GBR 2 whom overtook our 1, 2 and almost had a 2,3,4 untill 6 came through to take 3rd taking the win with a 1,3,6.
We are looking forward to more racing tomorrow and feel we are on the right track although with a little less race practice than most which we aim to pick up over the course of the event.


Teams Racing Worlds - Team NZLONE 

Throughout the week of the 23-27 September a team of six sailors from Royal Akarana Yacht Club will be competing in the 2007 ISAF Teams Racing World championships in Gandia, Spain which is an hour drive south of Valencia. The members of this team are made up of NZL’s most active Teams Racers and some have been sailing together for over 10 years. The team includes Jamie Dawson, Georgina Hill, Laurie Jury, Graeme Sutherland, Logan Sutherland and Annemarie Waugh.

Teams’ racing is one of the fastest growing areas of sailing in New Zealand and is particularly continuing to rapidly develop within secondary schools sports where this year’s nationals saw an increase to 20 teams (120+ sailors). This style has become a favourite for all sailors with its fast paced action, intensity and team work which has seen an increase in excitement with the introduction of over 170 420’s into the country, as they became the national teams racing boat in 2004.

The team wishes to thank those who have helped and supported the team along the way, especially Royal Akarana Yacht Club and the NZTRA for boat support throughout the year and also to Kiwi Yachting for providing their Magic Marine sailing gear sourced from Fergs Kayaks and Sailors Corner.


InterDoms 2007

"Kiwis too good for Aussies in Teams-Racing

Tauranga Boys College Team including Peter Burling, Jason Saunders, Thomas Saunders, Sam Meech, Luke Stevenson, Nicholas Gunn and Kieran Thomas has won the Inter-dominion Teams Racing Championships sailed in Tasmania.


Above is quote from YachtingNZ site - great stuff

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